Monday, June 22, 2009

My Theatrical Debut

This summer, the school is putting on a production of "Honk" a musical centered around the story of the Ugly Duckling. It was designed to include the total school community. That is, all were invited to audition -- current students, future students, alums, parents, faculty, staff -- everybody! So I figured this was the chance I had been waiting for and tried-out. And guess what! I made it!

I beat out an art teacher, the IT lady and the principal for the role of Graylag, a militant goose who volunteers the small goose army to help Ugly find his home. It's a small part, but fraught with meaning. ;) Anyway, I have lines to say and sing, I do a little dancing, and I get to dress up like a goose. Pretty sweet.

Total Cost: $0. I don't pay them, and they don't pay me. Everybody's happy.

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Jared said...

You can't tell us about this and not tell us when we can see your big performance. If you invite us we promise to give a standing ovation ;)