Tuesday, November 10, 2009

There's no such thing as a free lunch ...

... but aparently there is such thing as a free breakfast.
Last night I got a text from Suzie -- "tomorrow there are free hotcakes and sausage @ mcdonald's from 6 - 9."
Free? Yep!! Is there a catch? Nope!!
Well, this I had to see. I pulled into the parking lot around 8:00 while on my way to parent teacher conferences, and could tell by the length of the line that I was in the right spot. When I finally got to the counter I meekly asked for the free hotcakes and sausage meal. The girl handed me a bag full of food and I was on my way. A free breakfast! sweet.
Now, I have to say that eating at McDonald's doesn't exactly meet my criteria for "living large," but it was warm and yummy and free. It could be worse.
Total Cost: $0 for a truly free breakfast.


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That photo totally put me in the mood for pancakes !