Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Carafe By Any Other Name

I really do like beautiful things. I like things that add a touch of elegance to my life of protractors and staple removers. That’s the reason that I drink water out of the carafe that sits on my desk.
I wanted a water carafe ever since I saw Katherine Hepburn using one in the movie Adam’s Rib (that woman could make anything look good). I think it gives an air of sophistication and refinement – whether it’s sitting on a work desk, a restaurant table or a bedside stand. (A definite improvement on a Dasani bottle with the label ripped off.) So anyway, last year I finally bought one (on sale) and it has been a fixture on my desk ever since.
I was pretty proud of my tasteful beverage service … until today. A student finally got up the nerve and asked “um … why do you drink your water out of a vase?” ouch. It’s a carafe! A CARAFE! Oh well, Katherine would like it.
Total Cost: $17.50 for a touch of class … no matter what my students think.

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Nora said...

I think it's lovely. Sounds like those students could do with a little class (no pun intended--ha ha)