Monday, October 26, 2009


I think by now it’s obvious that I like free stuff. I think it may also be obvious that I like quality free stuff. Well, I found something today that is quality, free AND beautiful. How can you go wrong?
Jessica Hische is a designer, illustrator and typographer who has been making hand-crafted decorative initial caps to be used to beautify blogs all over the world. The only thing she asks is that you give her, Jessica Hische, credit. Not a problem!
Of course, making a beautiful blog isn’t my only reason for liking these hand-crafted decorative initial caps by Jessica Hische. I think they would also make a lovely alphabet book for a certain pre-pre-schooler I know.

Total Cost: $0 to make my blog look like a page out of Cicero. Thank you Jessica Hische!

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