Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring's Door Bell

Spring is almost here, and there are several unmistakable signs of it's impending arrival. The snow is melting and leaving hundreds of muddy lawns all around the city, I can ride with the windows slightly down and the "door-bell bird" has started singing again.

For years I wondered what kind of bird made that whistle-y call that sounded like a doorbell. Seriously. YEARS. And then last fall, I finally figured it out. I was at the Garden Room on the East side, and they had the complete line of Audubon Stuffed Birds. This is a collection of plush birds which, when you squeeze them, make their authentic sound. I tried all of them, in hopes of identifying the elusive "door-bell" bird.

Northern Cardinal? no.
Bald Eagle? no.
Swamp Sparrow? no.
Eastern Bluebird? no.
Snowy Owl? no.
Black Capped Chickadee? YES!

Finally, I had a name and a face to put with that most unique call. So, now that spring is coming and my little neighbors have returned, I feel like I know them -- and whenever I hear them whistle, I whistle back.

Total Cost: The stuffed birds cost $9 a piece, but I didn't buy one. The satisfaction of finally knowing was good enough for me.

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