Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Price of Beauty

The other day I got a free makeover at Macy's and it cost me a fortune.

As I've mentioned earlier, I went on a field trip with the school choir last week. After the concert and a quick dinner, the students were free to go shopping for about an hour. I was hanging out with the moms and we voted to walk around in Macy's because it was too cold outside. As we sauntered past the cosmetics section, we were beset by makeup artists offering "free" make overs.

Now, I know how this works. You get a "free" make over, and possibly a "free" gift as long as you buy a certain amount of product. ... I decided to go for it. It would be worth the money to get a new foundation and give my students a good laugh. And how much could it cost? Maybe $20? No problem.

So I got powdered and puffed, shaded and glossed, bronzed and blushed and the final result was ... interesting. I chose my products and headed over to the register. The cashier made cheerful small talk while she scanned my items and wrapped them in tissue paper. Then she smiled and said, "Your total is $ &*!%#."

Total Cost: I'm too ashamed to tell you. But on the bright side, I look REALLY good.

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