Friday, February 13, 2009

I ♥ Valentines Day

Actually, I am not really a huge fan of Valentines Day – as far a romance goes. But I do like its creative side. I like the idea of making cards and gifts out of things that are just lying around the house and then giving them away anonymously (of course).

Here are some crafty type ideas I found on line.

Design Mom

So, I picked one of these ideas and made it using stuff I already had around the apartment – I just had to buy glue. So if you get a mysterious Valentine, it might be from me!

Total Cost:
$1 for the glue

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tastebuds said...

Rissie, I did the parchment paper crayon hearts. unfortunately a smidge of crayon was on the face of the iron and "ruined" one of Chris' shirts. OOOPS. The hearts turned out nicely though.