Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let Me Check My Calendar

About a week ago, on the way home from school, I stopped by the grocery store for milk, the book store for a magazine, and then headed straight home where I had a light supper, did a crossword puzzle, took a bath and went to be early. I felt great! …

Until the next day. That night while I was so blithely relaxing, I missed an extremely important appointment. I had no excuse. I just forgot. I knew then -- it was time for a calendar.

I needed a calendar with some very specific qualities:
* It needed to be small enough to take everywhere.
* It needed to be small on art, large on writing space.
* It needed to have space for daily appointments and room for do-lists, shopping-lists, and idea-lists.
* It needed to be cheap.

So here is what I found.
At the drugstore I found a small mead brand notebook. The only color they had was orange which was unfortunate … until I decided to supplement with a Rhodia notebook of similar size.

So, now I'll never forget another extremely important appointment – unless I forget to write it down.

Total cost: $10 for calendar, notebook and pen

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mrloucks said...

Some one once told me I needed a PDA. I told them that those only help if I remember to put notes in them. I don't need a Personal Digital Assistant, I need a Personal Assistant.

Here's that website I was talking about: