Friday, May 15, 2009

Air Travel

On Wednesday, Nora flew home from visiting Janet in Maine. From what I understand, the Maine visit was great and the flight home was terrible. It’s the same old story – long lines, delays, no leg room, lost luggage, hotel vouchers, overpriced airport food – and all this while she carried her infant son.

Strangely enough, I seem to remember when flying was a comfortable and enjoyable experience. I remember larger seats, real meals, pillows and blankets and (just once) a hot washcloth. Was it ever really like that? Are my childhood memories deceiving me?

Well apparently, there WAS a time when air travel was enjoyable, comfortable and classy – according to the new book Flying Across America. If the stories are true, people used to dress up to fly, and while aboard they ate hot meals with real forks and knives (knives!).
I think part of what makes flying today such a pain is that we are often comparing it to how things used to be. Maybe the best option is to realize that it won’t ever be like that again, and find ways to be comfortable and classy in spite of it. Just my opinion.
Total Cost: $45 for the book (which I haven't bought)

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