Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Funny Books

In Friday's Wall Street Journal there was an interesting installment of "Dear Book Lover" (an advice column for readers). Someone had written in with the following question/request:
"Everywhere I look there is bad news. Not uplifting. Negative. Sad. There seems to be a competition going on to see who can deliver the worst news of the day. Let's have a column on funny books to be read and enjoyed -- with a long list."

I couldn't agree more. We have enough sad. We need more funny. In that same spirit, I have submitted three of my favorites.

1. Jeeves in the Morning -- pure farce. How can you say the words "Steeple Bumpleigh" and not smile?

2. Ex Libris -- smart, bookish humor. My favorite chapter is about the 'odd shelf.'

3. All Creatures Great and Small -- not so much funny as cheerful.

Total Cost: $0 at your local library for a good chuckle.

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Heather said...

Isn't James Herriot so great!?