Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SPACE: the final frontier

So, this past weekend I saw the new Star Trek movie and I thought it was great. The characters were pretty well developed and the CGI stuff was kept to a minimum (or maybe they're getting better at it). There was pleanty of action for people who like action, and plenty of plot for people who like plot. There was even some quality humor.

Watching this prequel gave me a renewed interest in watching the original Star Trek episodes (which I had never seen). I was curious to see where these characters and plot points came from. So, last night I sat down with a cup of tea and a stack of papers to grade and watched two episodes on youtube.

They were hilarious. The costumes, the hair, the makeup, the dialogue, the computers, the "special" effects. Didn't they realize (in 1966) that astronauts weren't using microfiche?! Funny, funny, funny. I would definitely recommend!

click here to watch

Total Cost: $7.00 for the matinee. Not bad for a weeks worth of entertainment.

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