Thursday, May 28, 2009


I think I read something, somewhere, sometime about crossword puzzles being good for your brain. You know -- protecting against dymentia, increasing IQ -- that sort of stuff. That may be true, but I just do crosswords because they're fun. I like having one at my desk throughout the day. I can look at in my spare time and at lunch. A lot of times it helps me to get my mind working again if I have come to some sort of mathematical or pedagogical impasse. That's a brain benefit isn't it?

Lately I've been doing the puzzle from the LA Times -- sufficiently challenging, and free every day.

Total Cost: $0 for a brain boost. What's a five letter word for "collar extension"?


Nora said...

I tried the crossword puzzle in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal this morning and it was pretty tough. I'll have to practice more :) And I'm not sure what a collar extender is.

Sarah said...

Would "brace" work? That's all I can think of.

Deborah said...